The New Step for African Community Charity has many active projects which help the African Community in various ways. below is the list of the projects with names of the people responsible for them and the way to contact them.

Project Co-ordinator
Afro-Euro Braiding Center / Nestac Hair Academy Peggy Mulongo
Job Coaching Club Guy Bochar
Cultural Awareness Training for Immigrant Women — CATIW Peggy Mulongo
Dance Group Francis Burphy
Free ESOL Classes Maggie Howlett/Ana Santos
Business Start-Up Guy Bochar
Ear Project Ana Santos/Peggy Mulongo
Kulture Swap Shop Guy Bochar

If you want to contact any of the persons named above click here.

Workshops for School, Colleges and Universities


NESTAC produces workshops for schools and a variety of other organizations including colleges and universities. We can tailor our presentations to your audience expectations.

Our presentations usually follow a set pattern starting with an overview of NESTAC and its work in the community. This is followed by a brief history of the African continent and an account of the various African cultures. There is then an introduction to African drum and dance heritage with ‘live’ demonstrations where possible. This can also include audience participation. To conclude there is a discussion of African storytelling traditions and then a question and answer session.


“I think both Jim and I thought NESTAC did an excellent job. The presentation was informative and the speakers delivered it very well getting the pupils involved and getting them to clap every time someone gave an answer. The highlight was of course the drumming and singing and dancing but for some groups there wasn’t really enough time to do as much of this as they would probably have liked. All in all, nothing but positives then, apart from as mentioned the timings varied every lesson. Please pass on our thanks to them for all their effort and hard work.” – Richard, Middleton Technology College

“The Nestac African drumming and dance day we had here at St. Michael’s C. of E. Primary School, Bamford in June 2010 was excellent. The adults leading the sessions related well to the children and the activities were suitable for children of Key Stage 2 (ages 8-11). They children particularly enjoyed being able to sample African musical instruments and the clothes some of the children were able to try added to the authenticity. I would highly recommend the sessions to any schools wishing to engage their pupils in African rhythm and music. We were very lucky that the weather was lovely that day and some of the class sessions were outside. Parents arriving to collect children at the end of the day were able to enjoy the sounds and sights too.” – Gill Rhodes, Headteacher – St. Michael’s C. of E. Primary School

Hair braiding


NESTAC offers an accredited Hair Braiding Course.

Training in braids, twists, cornrows, locks, weaves and extensions.
Coaching on how to become a professional hair braider and how to gain employment or start up a business.
The class also offers the opportunity to learn other skills Friendly environment, with experienced and expert braider’s.

We encourage our students to be creative and explore different techniques.

For more information review our basic training pack

Our training services are catered to every need in hair braiding and poised to offer complete package information on the cutting edge of braiding service in the following major areas:

Hair Braiding School: We focus on training you to become a professional braider on all hair types – Afro or European hair – by giving you theory and practice. We pride our unique skills on the detailed information we teach our students in Braiding.

Hair Braiding Centre: We provide you with one to one custom consultation, recommend hair styles and products suitable for the growth, maintenance and health of your hair.

Shows, Seminars and Events: We provide trainings and hair braiding services to special events and seminars. We can plan one annual show to exhibit the work done by our students.

Professional Braiders Agency: We maintain a database of our trained students who occasionally operate as freelance braiders. They are available to attend special request for freelance roles in salons, homes, birthday parties, events etc.


Welcome to the website.

A friendly and safe place to talk, a place to heal…

NESTAC Wellbeing Programme is an exciting project which enables Cross-cultural therapeutic interventions to be accessible to ethnic minorities population, especially from African background, but not exclusively.

We use a psychosocial therapeutic approach, helping our clients feel supported socially and emotionally, thus becoming more independent, making sense of their thoughts and feelings.