Current Projects

African Cultural Awareness (ACA) programmes.

ACA Drama therapy: addressing some pertinent issues related to the culture, traditions and beliefs. This drama therapy contributes to raise awareness in the value of integration, while challenging negative traditional beliefs that often damage the wellbeing of most African families.

Befriending project: NESTAC provides volunteers to befriend those in the community who might need different kind of support, from respite to accompanying them to important appointments. Our Befrienders are all bilingual.

EAR Project: NESTAC provides Interpreters as part of its fundraising strategy, specialised in African languages, including French and Portuguese.

Volunteering Project: in connection with local agencies such as CVS, NESTAC does recruit volunteers and provides opportunities for them to develop a variety of skills.

NHS Health Trainer: an NHS Health Trainer is based at NESTAC, to assess the health needs of our clients. This is a partnership work with the NHS Primary Care.

Wellbeing project: basic relaxation sessions and talk therapy is provided to those clients who are waiting to be seen by mental health Professionals.

Response to Economic Difficulties (RED): in partnership with the Cooperative College, RED aims to identify the impact of the economic downturn on refugees and asylum seekers and will explore the difficulties they face in integrating in society. The results of our research, as well as our strategy for addressing the issues through structured training and support, will be written up as a series of recommendations for other organisations working locally with the target group.