Who owns the Amazing Selling Machine?

Who owns the Amazing Selling Machine?

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Amazing Selling Machine is a program that helps people learn how to sell on Amazon. You probably have heard a lot about this program but not so much about the owners of the company. Do you think it is some top-notch secret? Well, it isn’t.

So, who are the Amazing Selling Machine founders? Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark are the founders of the Amazing Selling Machine program, also known as, Amazing. The company became official in 2013.

You probably have more questions; how did they put it together and all that. We have taken the time to answer some of the questions you could have in this article. You will learn more about the founders and teachers of the Amazing Selling Machine.

The Story of Amazing.com Founders

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Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark started Amazing.com after they had varying degrees of success in their respective businesses. They built multi-dollar companies and decided to teach others how to do the same in the ASM program.

Members also get to be a part of a community that keeps supporting their growth as they go on. Jason and Matt do not do all this alone, though. Rich Henderson and Mike McClary are also co-creators of the Amazing Selling Machine who joined them later.

Presently, Rich and Mike teach the course while Jason is the CEO of Amazing.com and Matt, the Chairman. The group has continued to run their businesses where they record successes.  Let’s take a more in-depth look into how all these people came together and their stories.

Jason Katzenback

Jason is a natural leader who has a knack for producing results. He started as a Canadian Engineering Student, though, and joined the corporate ladder in a manufacturing company. At the age of 23, he told his fellow employees that within five years, he would become their boss.

He achieved this feat but soon realized that the employee route was not for him. He got introduced to the world of internet marketing through a mentor. In 2005, Jason started Archon Media Inc., his first company.

He went to learn the secrets of getting traffic from John Reese. After a year, his business had generated up to $3.5 million. He continued to build his business and train other aspiring entrepreneurs. The Amazing journey, however, started when he met Matt Clark.

Matt Clark

Matt Clark also started at a young age. After running from a life of restlessness born out of his parents’ divorce and drugs, Matt’s life took a positive turn when he read Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles.  He had always had a passion for entrepreneurship, and the book spurred him to action.

He joined the undergraduate entrepreneurship program in college as a part of the college business-plan team. His passion for business was still burning when he graduated in 2008 with dual degrees.

With the economic crash at the time, he decided to take a job at Citigroup but soon quit after seven months. He tried a lot of business ideas before he finally settled on e-commerce. This decision was at a time when it was not so popular to sell anything online.

Matt Clark started business on Amazon selling health supplements after quitting his job. He attended seminars and read business books. In a short period, the revenue had grown from zero to $2 million.

However, while he was making a lot of sales, he was not making a lot of profits. He came close to crashing. Matt decided to look out for motivation in $10,000 worth Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery event. He figured anyone who will pay that amount of money must be motivated.

Though he almost had to clean out his account to attend, it paid off. Matt met someone at the event, who introduced him to Jason Katzenback.

The Amazing Journey

Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark met in 2011. Men of like minds and all that, they became fast friends and partners. They decided to start Amazing.com. The aim was to help other entrepreneurs avoid making common mistakes and successfully sell on Amazon.

The company, which started as Amazing Academy, put out a course named, Amazon Money Machine. Amazon asked them to stop this product a few months after, probably because of the name. The duo changed the name of the program to Amazing Selling Machine, and so it has been called since then.

Amazing Selling Machine has evolved over the years, changing as any successful online business, keeping up with the changing internet world. The program is currently on its twelfth edition. Are you wondering if the program is for real? You might be wondering whether it will match all the hype it has or be a major fail.

Well, we might not be able to give you all the details about the program. You can check out Eventuring’s look at Amazing Selling Machine to learn more. But, we would give you a little sneak-peek into the program.

What can you expect from ASM?

The Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive training program that takes you through, step-by-step all you need to do to be a successful Amazon seller. The program contains an eight-week online web class where you can learn at your pace the lessons on Amazon business.

At the end of each class, you can download a pdf of the course to go over later. The ASM forum is also active with members ready to answer any question you have. ASM includes a mentorship program and a private resource vault that members can access.

The resource vault provides you with some of the tools you will need to carry out the instructions in the videos. You can also get a lifetime platinum access to ASM when you purchase the program. This access means you don’t have to pay when an upgraded version is released.

ASM has proven its worth over the years with testimonials of how it had helped several people do what they love with their life. The incredible thing is, the program has a 30-days money-back guarantee of using the program for your Amazon business. If you don’t get any results, you can ask for a complete refund of your money, and it will be returned.

It is not all training programs that can offer this type of guarantee. You also get more than courses and training, but you gain entry to a community of people who have achieved or are trying to reach the same goals as you.


Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark founded Amazing Selling Machine, a product of the Amazing Company. The co-founders have continued to improve the program since its commencement. It has a reputation of being one of the beneficial training for new and existing Amazon sellers.