While many pet owners prefer to groom their pets on their own, having your pet groomed by a professional saves you energy and time.

To groom any pet requires a lot of patience and care, especially pets that are fluffy, or with behavioral issues. However, these cases are the specialty of professional pet grooming service.

With the growth of the pet grooming industry, and how pet grooming is adjusting to the digital age, pet grooming is faster and easier than it used to be.

There are several local pet groomers, you could also drop off your pets and pick up a happy, good-looking, and healthy pet later.

As a pet owner in Winnipeg, there are numerous pet grooming services available to you. The availability of many options makes pet grooming in Winnipeg easy and a thing you should do more often.

Why Should You Groom Your Pet?

Pet grooming aims to maintain the pet’s physical appearance as well as physical health.

A typical grooming session consists of the pet being brushed, trimmed or clipped, bathed, and dried. Your pet has to go through this cleaning process because it helps to remove all kinds of dirt and dandruff.

They also remove dead hair and cut long nails that can cause pain to your pet while walking.

Another benefit of pet grooming is that it lets you check for abnormalities. It enables you to discover defects such as skin problems, teeth, nails, and ears issues, eye infection, and inflations.

When these abnormalities get found early, you can treat them before they become more serious.

Why Groom Your Pet Professionally?

Picture Of Why Groom Your Pet Professionally

You can indeed groom your pet by yourself but, it isn’t that simple. Grooming goes beyond maintaining your pet’s cleanliness or keeping your pet good-looking.

It has to do with adequate maintenance of your pet’s physical appearance as well as its health.

Therefore, trusting your pet to a professional groomer is a beautiful thing to do for your pet and yourself. Here is why:

1. Knows How To Handle Your Pet

Some pets can become anxious, restless, or aggressive when it’s time for grooming. At such instance, the professional groomer may need to sedate the pet, something you cannot do at home.

There can be other situations such as lumps or injury that may cause discomfort to your pet as you try to do the grooming by yourself, but a professional groomer knows just how to handle such.

2. Handles The Messy Part

Grooming a pet can be a mess when you have to clean the anal, remove ticks and fleas, etc. These things can be unpleasant to handle. You probably don’t want to go through such stress when a professional groomer can do it for you. They know how to handle the mess.

3. Fit Your Schedule

Most professional pet grooming service has a local office. The locality of the office makes it easy to drop off your pet and come back to pick it later.

As a resident of Winnipeg, you could search for the service of pet grooming in Winnipeg. You would get one that perfectly fits your schedule.

4. Have The Right Tools

It is impressive how pet grooming is adjusting to the digital age with the many modern and digital equipment that is rapidly emerging.

We see various equipment from an adjustable, cozy table to multiple types of clippers and also new inventions like pet electric razors and shampoos for different kinds of pets.

Professional groomers have all the right tools to make your pet look good.

With how pet grooming is adjusting to the digital age, grooming businesses and professional groomers rely on various digital tools for swifter grooming service. With these tools, they will groom your pets in a gentle, efficient, and fast way.

What To Look Out For In A Professional Groomer?

A professional pet groomer must be excellent at handling people and animals. They must be able to listen to pet owners to know what to do with each pet and should be able to calm an animal in whatever situation.

If you are going to commit your pet to a groomer, you sure would like it to be a good groomer.

1. Compassion:

Pets can get stressed out before and during grooming. A professional groomer should be able to understand and treat them with kindness.

2. Customer-Service:

You must be able to listen to customer’s requests and must be friendly.

3. Attention To Detail:

For the safety of the animal to avoid hurting the animal, groomers must pay attention to the process.

4. Cleanliness:

Groomers must be able to keep their environment clean, especially when working with pet hair.

5. Stamina:

Groomers are on their feet mostly during the grooming process. It is, therefore, important that groomers have the fortitude to bear the call.

These qualities, put together, are what make a groomer professional. They are the qualities you should look out for in any professional groomer before you trust your pets to them.

Where To Find A Pet Groomer Near You

Picture Of Where To Find A Pet Groomer Near You

You can get a recommendation from friends, neighbors, veterinarians, or your local breed club. You can also search online for a local groomer. There will always be a professional groomer near you. Some are even mobile; they’ll come to you.

However, if you are looking for professional pet grooming in Winnipeg, here are a few suggestions:

1. Barks n’ Bubbles Per Spa

Services: Pet Daycare, Pet Hotel, Pet Spa, Pet Limo Service, and Personal Services

Location: 453 D Pembina Highway Winnipeg, MB R3M 2K9

2. Pride & Groom

Services: Pet Grooming, Dog Walking, Pet Boarding

Location: 569 Academy Road Winnipeg, MB R3N 0E4

3. PetSmart

Services: Pet Grooming, Pet Training, Per Supplies, Pet Food, Pet Products

Location: 1615 Regent Ave West Winnipeg, MB R2C 5C6

4. Anderson Animal Hospital

Services: Veterinarians, Pet Grooming

Location: 60 Marion Street Winnipeg, MB R2H 0T1

5. Centennial Animal Hospital

Services: Veterinarians, Pet Grooming, Pet Adoption, Brooding, and Daycare

Location: 2747 Pembina Hwy Winnipeg, MB R3T 2H5


Considering our busy schedule, chances are that we would categorize pet grooming as something mundane.

As mentioned, pet grooming goes beyond keeping your pets good-looking or maintaining its cleanliness. It encompasses your pet’s physical health as well as its appearance.